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House bedlam, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
House Bedlam

Visited with Ninja Kitten on a day touring the North East of England in 2019. This wasn't originally on our itinerary but after a no-go at another location we decided to try this one which hadn't been photographed much.

Entry was awkward due to the neighbour's dog constantly yapping away once it heard us; an unwelcome annoyance whilst in any location!

Originally this location was two separate semi-detached terraced houses. At some point they had been knocked through inside to make one living space as part of the farm estate. 

Family history is thin on the ground. From documents found inside a Miss B Harman lived in the property and it may well be her who is in many of the portrait photographs found in an upstairs bedroom. There is no reference to any male living there that could be seen but there were male items left inside. Who survived who remains unknown as the last resident. 

The land at the back was used as a sheep farm according to al the hand written notes in the 1983 diary found and some receipts found. 

The house now is a mess. Chaos everywhere. Decay is extensive and all the left behind possessions are just thrown everywhere making photographing with a tripod tricky as the artefact covered floors weren't visible in most rooms. Some upstairs bedrooms couldn't be entered fully as the floors had too much decay.

For interesting vintage artefacts this was a fascinating house with some nice textured decay. The dog kept yapping the entire time we were inside the building. I believe it doesn't ever stop. 

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