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House Artisan, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
House Artisan, Wales

In such a rural outpost, this house contradicted its surroundings. One would expect a typical farmer's dwelling or a small rural cottage but instead what nestles amongst the trees in the middle of nowhere is more akin to a manor house with its walls adorned with elaborate decorative mouldings, majestic rooms and fine furnishings.

There was obviously an artist in the house with many artist's materials left behind and a strange collection of sculptures, some so heavy they couldn't be moved from situ. The strangest piece of 'art' had to be the bizzarre modern art cubist construction totally dominating the lounge and somewhat blocking out what natural light may have gotten inside that room. It just looked out of place! Not being a fan of modern art I would rather it hadn't been there but these locations are photographed as found. 

Under the stairs was a large cart for carrying the wounded miners from around the local area. I am sure there is a connection with the mines to this house. 
A mixture of vintage items - especially the photographs found in a suitcase - with contemporary art, a perculiar mix, one not usually seen in abandoned rural homes but that's the beauty in these locations. There are never two the same!


A huge dining table left behind in the kitchen with its table cloth still on suggests the hustle and bustle of life once here, Pots and pans still left to gather dust. The absence of an AGA was a surprise instead a rather modest electric cooker stood.


Upstairs was fraught with danger as water seeped in through the broken roof and with the dampness of the floors I wasn't about to stay up there for long. One bedroom was quite beautiful with its vintage furniture and 3 piece Victorian mirror. 


During my explore of this dwelling I was uninteupted by a large group of ramblers who stopped by to peer in through the windows, their rain sodden bright rain macs glowing against the dim light of the house. as their noses pressed against the unkempt glass. Being careful not to be seen I moved behind a door, waited for them to leave then carried on photographing. They seemed as equally surprised as I was that such a large house would be found in such a strange place. Such interruptions are always a hazard of photographing abandoned buildings. It's something I never really get used to!

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