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hotel belvedere pk, sounio, greece, urbex, abandoned
Hotel Belvedere Park, Sounio

Visited in 2013 on a summer vacation as my friend Alexia mentioned it. We drove out to it on a very hot summer afternoon.  I can't find any history at all for this place. The only thing I can find is that an archaeological service has submitted applications to do something with it but beyond that there is nothing - almost as if it never existed as a hotel but was always abandoned!

It is believed to have closed for good in 1989 and has remained empty ever since. It is in a bad state as of 2013 and there cant be much hope of renovation. 

From the hotel the Temple of Poseidon is visible in all its beauty, especially during a sunset. The Temple of Poseidon is an ancient Greek temple on Cape SounionGreece, dedicated to the god Poseidon and  was constructed from 444 to 440 BC.

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