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Abandoned house, chester, urbex, heather's farm, decay
Heather's Farm, Chester

Visited in 2019 with Ninja Kitten [Becci] on a bitterly cold February day.  After parking up there was a quick walk over some fields to this house which is surrounded by farmland and old out houses which are now derelict. The house itself is in an extremely parlous state. The roof has collapsed along with most of the upper floor and it looks like the whole house could collapse at any moment. 

Despite this, a look inside was necessary. These kind of extremely derelict buildings are a real challenge to photograph but are great to tackle. There is nowhere to put the tripod on an even surface as the floors were littered with rubble and rubbish and space was a problem. It's basically a case of identifying what's photogenic and doing best to get the shot. Original features and personal items were still inside so were the main focus. To get the shots of the bath and upper bedroom I had to stand on a chair and point my camera through a gap in the ceiling and hope for the best as it was not possible to go up there. Luckily my camera picked up the right areas albeit not greatly composed. 

I've no idea of the history of this house, except that the greetings card found inside were to a girl called heather so one can deduce she lived there sometime in the 1980s. beyond that I have no more information. It was obviously a large farmstead at some point and is now just a decaying relic of its former self.

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