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HL Myers Chemist, Birmingham, urbex, abandoned, urbex photography
H.L. Myers, M.P.S. Chemist, Birmingham

A curious explore this one. The chemist has been demolished yet the basement is still in place underground in the middle of a building site. Add to that, there is literally zero information online about this chemist. It's invisible on Google just like it's invisible to passers by on the busy Birmingham high street. 

Inside the dark and damp basement was the remnants of the chemist's stock; bottles, lotions, old advertising placards, old money envelopes and documents. getting photos was a tricky affair as there was little room for a large tripod and I couldn't stand up in most of the rooms as the ceiling was so low. I'm happy with the shots i did get though and it was great I was able to document this beautiful piece of history before the inevitable bulldozers come and it's lost forever. 

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