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gythio prison, mani, greece, urbex, abandoned
Gythio Prison, Greece

Similar to the House of Cracks, photographing this abandoned prison wasn't easy in such burning heat. My friend had driven me here one sunday morning as the village was coming alive and sat in the car to wait for me to shoot inside. Such extensive damage made for careful treading with beams hanging down and piles of rubble on the floor. Using a tripod wasn't easy in the more darker parts.

As I emerged form inside and peered out from the broken main door a little old lady gasped and promptly did the sign of the cross. Having just left her church service she wasn't expecting to see anyone emerging from this long abandoned prison covered in rubble and dust, she must have thought it was a ghost! My friend exlained to her who I was and why I was there and she made her way muttering.....

Situated in Gythio in the south Peloponese, Greece, information on this prison is non-existent even with web research and local knowledge. It closed its doors many years ago yet remains standing. 

Still standing albeit abandoned, its condition is now of ruin with some of the building damaged by fire.

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