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grand chalet hotel, athens, greece, urbex, abandoned
Grand Chalet Hotel,  Athens

My friend in Athens Xristos mentioned he'd like to see this hotel that he had seen in the news and driven past, so we drove over to it one afternoon.  Without a tripod, ISO settings were pushed to the max hence the grainy images. 

The whole complex is huge, consisting of hundreds of rather drab rooms all looking the same and not particularly photogenic. Decor was probably 1990s, nothing nice aboiut that decades attempt at interior design. 


The hotel itself was very popular before it closed. Football teams and TV personalities stayed there which seems suprising considering it wasn't the most opulent hotel i've ever seen. 


The intersting part of the history of this hotel was the owner, a very rich man in Greece who having got into financial difficulties was subsequently murdered. The hotel I am led to believe was in financial trouble already and this may have been a contributing factor in whatever financial troubles he was in. 


An underground swimming pool was being built but never finished when it closed. A glass house with steps leading down to the incomplete pool and changing areas. 


The reception still had some of the keys to the rooms hung up on their hooks and apart from some paperwork and old photographs found in one of the basement areas, there wasn't much inside of a personal note. 


Still, a nice wander around for a couple of hours and Xristos enjoyed his first foray into an abandoned building and even managed to get in one of the photographs unbeknown to him!

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