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Geoffrey the Warden's House, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Geoffrey the Warden's House, Norfolk

Finally made it to this house i'd seen pictures of and it didn't disappoint. I say that, however it was hugely disappointing to find that a lot of the items of value in the house had been pinched especially the warden's hat which belonged to Geoffrey but such is life. There was still enough inside this amazing time capsule to warrant a good few hours photographing it.


Born in 1913 and one of 4 siblings, Geoffrey moved here in 1920. Geoffrey was the older than his 2 brothers and 1 sister and lived until the ripe age of 100.


It is possible Geoffrey was a siren warden judging by some of the items which had been left behind - albeit now missing - yet one certainly can see the connection to time served in the war in this house.

His mother interestingly,  ran the local village store which is also now abandoned along with one of his brothers. This has also been photographed and will be posted in time. [I have a long backlog!]


The house itself is now starting to show the signs of decay having obviously been empty for quite some years. Thick cobwebs are everywhere especially around the windows, the house must have been invaded with spiders, thankfully all of which had either hidden or had departed before I got there.

The usual artefacts lay scattered around, vintage items, glimpses into past decades, social trends and tastes. A beautiful 1960's coat still hung up in a wardrobe reminiscent of another house I'd photographed. Discarded photographs, frozen snapshots of lives just left to gather dust. Looking through the bits and pieces left behind really was stepping back in time to when everyday things seemed to not only look better but last longer.


Framed photographs on top of a piano and on mantle pieces reminiscent of a modern day period drama. Beautiful clothing worn by the subjects, faces from the past. I wonder who they are and where they are now?


It is sad that when these abandoned homes become known that items disappear so quickly, after all they are possessions of someone and should be left in place. Thankfully the house has now been sealed and is at least safe from harm. Geoffrey's life, belongings and memories protected and left in peace.

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