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garou garou, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Garou Garou

One that was on my list for a while just because I liked its name; Garou Garou. No idea what it refers to as there was no reference to that name in the house in the personal letters found inside. Anyway, along Ninja Kitten we entered the house with the odd name.


Typically brooding and nicely decayed but still with much of the contents as if the people who lived here had merely nipped out. Walls had giant cracks which made me wonder if the house would fall in on itself at any moment but these old buildings were built to withstand the weight of a couple of intrigued photographers with tripods so no need to worry. 


The upstairs bedrooms were my favourite part of the house. Small yet full of atmosphere, shadows sweeping across where the hot summer sun couldn't reach through the dirty windows. One bedroom looked lethal from where whoever lived here had done some strange home electrics and connected wires along a wall which defied all health and safety laws but looked organically great!


Faces stared out from a back dining room, human souvenirs of past decades watching over the house as cracks deepened around them. 


We spent a good couple of hours inside photographing every corner of the house before departing to the next location, leaving the faces behind to slip back into their own quiet forgotten world.

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