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the forgotten mill house, belgium, urbex, abandoned
The Forgotten Mill House

Requiring a huge swing from our initial route we spent more time hiding than taking photos in this tiny little house hidden from view behind a mass of trees!
Such a  tiny house more akin to British houses than Belgium ones, extreme decay, cobwebs everywhere and cramped beyond belief. How anyone ever lived in it I don't know. Upstairs was a death trap. The floors a mass of water, holes and buckets to collect the rain from the battered roof. It reminded me of Bucket House in the UK, each bucket over flowing with stagnant water rendering useless their purpose in keeping the house dry. I think the upstairs will join the downstairs before long. Therefore, photographing was a rushed job as the floor seriously bent inwards with every step. Good job I didn't have on my my usual 5kg tripod! Two rooms I didn't even enter into as well as a second set of step to a back bedroom. Experience has armed me with useful instinct. If a floor looks bad it usually is. 

At the back of the house is an interesting mill of some kind, not sure what the occupants were making there but it was an unusual addition to a standard domestic house.


Downstairs in the decaying main reception room were the remnants of the previous owners scattered around. Thick dirt and dust everywhere adding to the sense of loss. A rather nice 1950's hair dryer beside the kitchen window was a challenge to photograph with the blinding light coming through he window directly behind it as it sat rusting on its stand. I think I pulled it off!

We were interrupted here towards the end of our visit by a family. Two boys came in to the house, the rest stood in the gardens pointing and surveying the buildings. We hid from the boys who left and after a while the family left. The new owners? Renovation is probably an impossibility considering its parlous state and impractical construction. I'd like to think though that the mill part will be kept as a feature piece for anything constructed in the buildings place.

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