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ferme hiboux, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Ferme Hiboux

Visited during a 4 day trip across Luxemburg and Belgium with Ninja Kitten, one of many quick in and out locations which didn't warrant too long a stay.


At first I decided not to take any photographs such was the dark and trashed condition of the house but then decided we'd made the effort to get there including dodging the neighbour, avoiding the attention of several horses at the front of the house and wading through the muddy garden, so what the heck. 


The most disappointing thing was the taxidermy. I'm not a lover of taxidermy at all, in fact I hate it, however I didn't expect to find a man's collection which had previously [and recently] been photographed still in its display cases literally thrown around the house or strategically placed on surfaces for photographic purposes. Some of it was damaged and trodden in to the kitchen floor. A sad way to treat a collection of treasured possessions. 


I imagine the house had been abandoned for quite some time judging by the wreck it had become yet there was still enough in it to make a few good images. Family portraits still in situ and several trophies. After 30 minutes we packed our gear away, rather depressed by the vandalised state of the place. We glanced at the light aeroplane sat on top of hay stacks in one of the out buildings but just couldn't be bothered to photograph it instead feeding the horses which had come round the back. On to the next house. 

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