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Farm Remy

Late evenning and in total darkness, and a quick check to see if this lost farmhouse was still ok to visit. All seemed well, not a soul about and everything as we expected it to be. Thenext morning up at the crack of dawn and after a hearty hotel breakfast, Ninja and myself made our way in daylight to see this wonderful little derelict house.


Single-storey and full of posessions still in every room it was as if the owner had simply popped out and failed to tidy up. Signs of decay were evident in the bedrooms mainly but most of the house was in a good solid state still.


Archaic furniture from the 1970s in the lounge including a magnificent green 2 piece suite, quite comfortable it was too as I made use of them for rest periods during our couple of hours inside.


Every room was photographed as usual with nothing missed. The highlight were the many vintage family photographs still in situ especually the wedding photographs which brought a human element into this home. The lowlight must have been the stack of alcohol bottles annoyingly set up on a table which ruined any shot of that room but I couldn't be bothered to move them all. Ninja wanted to consume them all :)


Another Belgian lost home ticked off, and then on to the next as we drove yet more miles. It didn't disappoint.


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