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farm patenoster, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Farm Patenoster

Another town in Belgium, another abandoned home. Belgium surely does have these places in abundance. Visited with Ninja Kitten, this was our last location after a mad 48 hour dash around Belgium and Luxemburg. By the time we arrived here we were ready for collapse!


I knew what to expect having seen numerous reports before but it was nice to finally tick this off the list of to do locations. Typically Belgium in looks and feel, full of vintage artefacts, generous wallpaper and majestic beds that seem to be the in thing in Belgium. In a box was a lifetime of photographs from decades ago, many with the young Patenoster in them not looking that different to the older photographs of him. Also, identity papers and cards from a hundred years ago. Amongst this box was a very sad photograph of a deceased teenage boy before burial/cremation. It looked as if he had been in some kind of very bad accident but looked peaceful lay on his bed for eternity. This poses the ethical dilemma of do we photograph such a solemn photograph? Each person would have their own ideas on this. We decided to as it was part of the house and photographing locations in their entirety - both good and bad - is what this is all about to capture the essence of a place. Maybe it is how they are presented later that counts?


One disappointment was the vintage pram, my favourite objects, yet this one had vanished from the adjoining barns! Oh well, whoever has it I hope they look after it! The vintage child's wooden chair was still there complete with counting beads like a fixed on abacus. I imagine many happy hours were spent in there by whoever sat in it, maybe it was Patenoster himself all those years ago?


This house has been deserted for so many years, it seems as if no one wants it and it just remains in the past, where it was built as a reminder of the the old days.

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