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Farm Erotica, Lancashire, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Farm Erotica

A new location I was tipped off about by David and so I ventured off to see it on my own as it seemed a relatively stress free location being quite rural. It also had the look of a house that is completely abandoned judging by its dilapidated state.


Once through those wretched summer brambles and nettles - not without several stings - I found my way into the house and yes, it was very derelict especially downstairs which was ankle deep in water in the initial porch. The lounge, dining room and kitchen were somewhat dryer but years of neglect had taken their toll. Plenty of personal items still left behind though to photograph the highlight downstairs being a beautiful wedding album along with letters and cards which gave an insight into who lived here. 


Upstairs was chaos. The main bedroom was difficult to get in such was the state of the room with furniture all over the room and the floor completely covered in items discarded. To make photographing more difficult - almost impossible - it was dark, almost pitch black as the windows had been boarded years before blocking the light. This coupled with nowhere to put the tripod down on the floor meant less time spent in the main bedroom and only a couple of shots which was a shame as all over the floors I could see vintage letters and photographs.


The back smaller bedroom was just as bad. A tip but out of the corner of my eye I spotted a pile of magazines under a chair near ty e bed. Out of curiosiy I picked one up and browsed throigh as you do. Whoever lived here had amassed quite a collection of vintage 'adult' magazines from the 1960s and 1970s. The one called 'Libertine' was a specialist magazine and quite erotic for its time.  So there lies the dilemma. Do I post photographs of these items or not? My way of thinking is that it is part of the house and part of the personal history so should be included. No names have been given to protect identities and therefore I see no reason not to. Presentation is the key.

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