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farm 1881, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Farm 1881

A location which had been on my 'to do' list for quite some time and on my 3rd visit to Belgium I finally got to see this beautiful abandoned farmhouse along with 3 friends who made the trip also.

I wasn't at all confident of getting inside, such is the tricky place it is located, our English car would have stood out like a sore thumb parked up in the Belgian countryside, and attracted attention, but never-the-less we had a couple of uninterupted hours inside and what a sight to behold!


The original farmhouse didn't have too much left inside having been discarded to some degree for a more shalley type modern extension to the building reminiscent of Swiss style houses. Bare brick walls surrounded by the most intricately carved furniture adorned the extension with personal items all around in situ. Photograph albums just left behind with their black & white photographs of a past life. One of our group Becci lamented how on her first visit here the place was much more intact however it was still a wonderful place to photograph even if some things had obviously been taken or simply thrown about. 


The old part of the house was fairly bare which added to its old world atmosphere. A large wooden cross was unusual propped up against the wall with the words Odette & Christiaens enscribed into the wood, presumably Odette is a name, Chriatiaens maybe, maybe not. 


Belgium usually delivers fascinating abandoned houses and this was right up there with the best, all the ingredients for the images, artefacts, decay, cobwebs and faces staring from the walls.


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