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Empire House, Abandoned, urbex, A World in Ruins
Empire House

Visited with Becci, this was a fantastic house to not only photograph, but to sit and read the quite astonishing historical artefacts mainly from WW1 and its associated events. The house was full of old newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and other items relating to the Armistice of 1925, the death of King George V in 1936 and both WW1 & WW2 amongst other events of those times. 

A copy of The Daily Mirror dated 21st January 1936 focused on the death of King George V. Another copy of The Daily Mirror focused on Armistice Day of 11th November 1925 and The Times, dated 28th June 1919 focused on The Treaty of Versailles after the end of WW1. 

There was obviously a connection with the military for past people who lived here along with an interest in all things to do with the Royal Family. In truth, this house was more like a museum than an ordinary domestic dwelling. Hopefully, the things inside won't end up in a skip but will be saved. 

One of the upstairs bedrooms was also quite remarkable. It looked like it hadn't been altered since WW1 and remained as it was then in memory of a soldier who died whose portrait hung on a wall. 

Abandoned and derelict houses sometimes throw up an absolute gem, in this house, that was certainly the case. 

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