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Eirwen's House of Dolls. Ceredigion
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Update June 2019: Thanks to Yvette for this information:

Eirwen went to Cofadail school (A small school in Trefenter) before it closed down in 1987 and was actually one of the last pupils to attend in the year that it closed - maybe that had something to do with them leaving, as from your documentation is seems as this is also the year they left the house. So Eirwen was the daughter of whoever owned / lived there. She would be about 40 now.

There was also a plane crash nearby and this is taken directly from the Aviation Website database: [it may be related to the sudden departure of the entire family from the house at that time]

Ex-US Navy F-4J Phantom BuAer No 155510. Delivered 13/12/1984. Written off 26/8/1987: Flew into a slight ridge at Pant-y-Gwair, ten miles SE of Aberystwyth, Dyfed during low level intercept practice with two other Phantoms. Both crew - Pilot Flight Lieutenant Euan Holm MURDOCH and Navigator Flying Officer Jeremy Lindsey OGG - were killed. This incident was the only F-4J(UK) Phantom of 74 Squadron to be lost in operational service



Day one of a two day trip to Ceredigion in Wales to photograph some locations and first on the list was this abandoed farmhouse. Having parked up on the rickerty track nearby i didn't fancy walking across uneven fields with all my gear with the sun beating down only to find it was the wrong location. So i walked over to check it first tand was relieved my research had paid off! 

Photographing so far from any prying eyes - except for the grazing sheep - can be a strange experience, the sound of silence apart from the bleeting of sheep and the flapping of loose parts of the house. Sometimes it is a relief to be able to photograph in peace knowing noone is likely to wonder why you are there or worse still ask you to leave. Other times it is a little unnerving.

Erwin's House of Dolls - so named due to the collection of figurines scattered arond the house [one perched in a microwave cooker] and dolls - was unique in that upstairs the children's bedroom was still full of toys, school excercise books, magaznes, text books and numerous other items from when they inhabited the home. This is unusual. Usually it's items relating to adult lives so it was quite an experience to be sat in this bedroom, surrounded by chldhood items just left behind, forgotten and gathering dust and rubble from the crumbling house. Eirwen, who was quite young when she left the house was obviously very creative and a lover of nature. In her wall cabinet were two birds nests carefully placed inside. A glimpse into the personality of someone I will never meet.

It would seem that the house was abandoned by the family around 1987 judgng by the calendar still pinned up on the bedroom door along with letters and books which didn't date beyond that year. Why wold the entire family just leave the house and leave everyhthing behind? Were they evicted or found work elsewhere and simply started afresh? Clothes in the second bedroom still hung up in the wardrobe just waitning to worn once more. Downstairs an old TV, clocks, radios and other everyday items. A large unit still decorated with collections of cups and saucers and trinkets. All left behind, all abandoned and all part of the lives of a family who just seem to vanish.

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