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Easter Cottage, Wales, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict photography
Easter Cottage, Aberyswyth

Discovered by chance whist driving through the winding Welsh roads to another location. A momentary glimpse of peeling paint caught my eye on the hill top above as i negotiated a sharp bend in the road, a trained eye finding its target. A quick walk around and a peek through the windows hinted at was what was waiting to be discovered and photographed. But, it would have to wait until the following week as my original destination was still waiting. In my excitement though I forgot to make a detailed note of where this was and only after hours of Google map scanning was I able to locate exactly where the cottage was much to my relief.

The tired and weather beaten exterior with its peeling paint around the windows greets you as you climb to the top of the hill. A majestic old farmhouse with it's many redundant out buildings, quietly yet proudly standing above the valley below. Inside the rickety old door and into the kitchen with its vintage hearth, an old pair of boots retired from a lifetime of hard work in the fields. Old bottles stand beside vintage kitchenware, the main table still adorned in a plastic cloth. A cacophony of colours abound this little time capsule from the deepest purples to shimmering reds giving life to an empty home. Upstairs, letters and documents lay strewn around, scattered by the wind which blows through the cracked and decaying windows. 

A local farmer said hello as I sat outside with my flask of coffee during the visit and told me he uses it as his shelter in the winter months. I could imagine him, sitting by the window as the snow falls, huddled up, enjoying just a tipple of the finest whiskey to keep himself warm.

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