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Crib Cottage, Chorley, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Crib Cottage, Chorley

Yet another abandoned rural farmhouse for me to explore and delve in to its history! On a warm summer's morning I walked inside this former home and wandered around the rooms, marvelling at the beauty of this large dwelling. A chance find so the thought it hadn't been photographed before added to its mystery. Not too much in terms of natural decay but a lot of personal items left behind to keep me occupied. The only extensive decay was to the downstaurs living room and hallway which had been ravaged by fire at some point in the past. It must have been quite some time ago as there was no smell of fire at all yet extensive fire damge was evident. 


The farmhouse dates from the 18th Century and is situated on a quiet country lane. Large rooms showing their age but standing up well to the test of time. In one of the two bedrooms upstairs, a crib carved out of wood, a reminder of when we as people were more inclined to make us of materials to hand. The larger of the two bedrooms contained much in the way of personal artifacts, letters, receipts, books amongst other things. In the corner, a beautiful regency dressing table with items still arranged as if tidied up recently. Two medallions dated 1912 relating to membership of the Free Masons, along with an application letter to join the Free Masons. It seems this Home has a connection with the Free Masons  over many years. Inside a closet off the bathroom still hung a collection of couture suits, around 11 in total, slightly moth eaten but still looking in suprisingy good condition!


Downstairs was a throwback to the 1970's. The back room was obviously used as an office and still had inside most items from when it was in use. Farming receipts and magazines testament to a farming history to the home. Old photographs still lay on the burnt lounge unit suggesting the fire occured whilst the house was still in use. An old pair of glasses gathering dust.

The kitchen was a collection of old bottles and a magnificent fireplace and retro 1970's decor. 


A few hours inside crib Cottage and I'd got the images. Images of the past, seemingly discarded and seemingly forgotten. 

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