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Countess House, Urbex, Abandoned
Countess House
Visit One:
Visit Two:

During the summer of 2020 when all were released from the Covid lockdowns, this house was the star of the show for the urbex community - even the ghost hunters got in on the act - videoing non-existent ghosts for their hallicinating audiences.

First I went with Scrappy NW - Dave, quire early on when the house was still intact although the contents of the dolls house had disappeared sadly. By he second visit with Ninka Kitten-Becci some weejs later, the house had gone down hill hugely.

A former farm house with many acres of land and several outer buildings, it was easy to imagine this house being quite magnificent when it was lived in. Not a typical farmhouse, far from it. None of the claustrophobic interior that most have, this was  spacious home with beautiful furniture and vintage possessions still scatterd around the floors. The highlight - obviously for me - was the vintage baby carrier....a glorious reminder of when things were made to last and retain their charm after decades of use.

Well worth the two separate visits just to take a step back in time and emerse myself in a long lost world.

At the time of writing the house has actually been put on the market and cleared out. I imagine it sold too - such a glorious house it is. I sincerely hope the vintage items have been kept by someone and not thrown into a for the pram.....

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