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Coronation House, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Coronation House, Wales

Visited in Spring 2019 on a solo visit, Coronation House is another former home which has simply become uninhabited and left to decay. Most of the possessions are still inside the house giving it that feeling as if the last residents just upped and left.

From paperwork left behind, a Mr Will & Mrs Emely Probert lived there last. Who survived who I don't know and when the house became abandoned is also unknown. It would seem - by the decor - that it may be quite some time ago unless they didn't redecorate after the 1970s which is what decade I'd say the wallpaper is from judging by the design.

Like many other houses i explore, the back ground floor reception room had been converted into a bedroom so it could be that the person who outlived the other moved downstairs as old age set in and the stairs became too much of a strain to climb. Upstairs are 3 bedrooms, the large master bedroom and two smaller ones. The bathroom - curiously - was located on the ground floor with no sign of any plumbing upstairs. 

Many personal artefacts have just been discarded and left behind including souvenir newspapers from the VE Day anniversary on June 8th 1946 and also the Coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth on 12th May 1937. Obviously i'm not the only one who saves such newspapers from special occasions!

I liked this house, it had the mixture of vintage furnishings allied with personal artefacts which give these abandoned houses their special feeling whilst inside and pose so many questions

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