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Cointreau House, Wales, Urbex, Abandoned
Cointreau House, Anglesey

So once again Wales was dialled into the stat nav and a full day exploring the many abandoned houses was the day's itinary. After a 4am start the first occasion was fully sealed which was a disappointment as it was the best one on my list. Not to be put off I headed over to this one which I'd had pinned for a long time but never got round to doing it.

A fairly easy entry was done and with the house being completely hidden from view of spying neighbours it was quite a relaxed explore out in the countryside. Once inside it was clear the house had been given up on by anyone who owned it, if anyone actually did inherit it. Its one of those houses which has just been left, partially cleared out and the house itself left to get in a parlous state.

There was a very 1970s feel to the interior, from the typically colourful and bombastic wallpaper to the crockery left behind and magazines amongst other things. Looking at documents which were scattered all over the dining room floor, it appears a lady called Mrs Own lived here and worked for the police in some capacity during the 1980s. Nothing beyond the mid 1980s was evident in the house. All the left behind personal photographs were taken in the 1970s, and it's always a surprise when people leave behind personal items like photographs.

Thankfully only one window had been replaced with the dreaded upvc frame and all the rest were the original sash wooden or aluminium windows which always adds character to a house and that vintage feel. Additionally there was plenty of bubble glass still in the frames to add further to the vintage feel. If all these things are present in an abandoned house - especially along with vintage wallpaper - a lack of contents can be overcome as the house itself is photogenic purely from these features alone.

I've no idea when the house ceased to be a domestic dwelling but I'd guess sometime in the mid-late 1980s.

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