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Cobweb Cottage, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Cobweb Cottage, Wiltshire

Day one of a two day trip down south and the first location was this forgotten cottage deep in the Wiltshire countryside. As overgrown cottages go this was one of the most extreme being almost hidden from view by the thick greenery all around it. The only clue as to how to get to the cottage was an old peeling gate, leaning over at an angle which almoast acted as an arrow to guide me to the invisible path. 

Once inside and covered in all manner of foliage and insects I was pleasantly surprised by how much still remained inside the cottage, far more than previous photographs had indicated. A quick look round and i was happy that there were no danger spots in terms of potential crumbling upper floors. The roof was still intact meaning damp hadn't set in to much although the decay was long down its road to destruction. Cobwebs were everywhere. 


No information is known about this cottage as to who lived there or what they did. It was difficult to gage how long the property had been left abandoned and the only clues were some TV magazines in the loft dated 1981. It certainly could have been empty since then a there were no modern items in the cottage and all decor and interior fittings suggested a house which had remained lost for around 30 years or so. I did try and find some neighbours to speak with to gain some information yet on this hot summer day there were no people to be seen anywhere in this tiny little village.

The upstairs bedroom still had the vintage pram whereby most of my time was focused. It was always something I'd wanted to see in an old house and it didn't disappoint! The calmness of the bedroom with its net curtains tangled in ivy and the pram next to the dressing table painted a picture of childhood frozen in time, a vision of infancy absent yet present.

The childhood theme continued with a small doll sat on a dressing table in the smaller bedroom, its eyes peering out as if waiting for its owner. Lace curtains lay over thick carpets, old tins gathered dust and the usual vintage sewing machine set the scene. A mysterious wooden box in the bedroom stayed closed. For some reason I declined the temptation to open it and look inside. Maybe it was just the thought of scattering away the child trapped inside this space. 


Outside, on a nearby lamp post was tied an official council notice outlining the imminent demolition of this cottage and subsequent building of a new house or houses on the land. So I got there just in time, as I've been told it is now empty of all items which are now probably in a land fill site truly lost. The house is on borrowed time, about to vanish and no doubt replaced by something clean and modern but without any of the charm and history of Cobweb Cottage. I wonder what happened to the pram?

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