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clinique des sources, france, urbex, abandoned
La Clinique des Sources

Visited in the summer of 2019 on a French trip with Ninja Kitten [Becci]. The day was drawing to a close and we had ticked off all our locations for the day but we had time for one last location. Being greedy we didn't want to head back to the hotel without trying one more so typed in the coordinates to this former health clinic to see if it was still doable. We parked up in a tiny Alsatian village high up in the valley close to the German border. It is said there is a local lady who wears a straw hat who watches over the building and stops people from going inside. Luckily she was absent when we got there and after a few minutes faffing we found our way inside.

It's obviously been out of use for many years as there is extensive dacay all throughout the building with some upper floors unsafe. The original features were still intact as were the outside galleries which gave stunning views over the valleys below.

History is very scarce on this building:


A former medical pneumology clinic, built close to the source from whence its name arises as a centre specialising in diseases involving the respiratory system. It was obviously designed and constructed to maximise the benefits of the fresh air found in this tiny Alsace town. The fresh and clean air made it possible to treat sick patients until 1994 when its authorisation to operate was withdrawn.


A long legal battle followed which ended with the centre finally closing for good in 2000. The facade overlooking the nearby valley boasts ornate galleries with beautiful glass roofs. It would have been an ideal place for the sick to recuperate with the views on offer along with the tranquility and clean air.

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