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Vintage Circus Belli, Berlin

One of the locations visited on out Berlin tour of April 2022 with Becci [Ninja Kitten]. The first circus I have photographed, so it's always nice to see something a bit different.


Not much is known about this old circus in the suburbs of Berlin. Situated off a busy main road it is difficult to see unless you know it is there. 

Inside is a throwback to old fashioned circuses with its wooden roof and rotting wooded seats still in situ. Scattered around were left overs from the circus when it was functioning; a single hobby horse, some old signage and other bits and pieces. In a back room we found a collection of old wooden cart wheels most probably from a horse and cart.

I have researched this circus to find information or any images from when it was still open but haven't found anything. It would be nice to see some photographs of when it was a functioning circus with a packed audience.

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