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Cinema Aurora

Visited on a 5 day Italy trip Becci [Ninja Kitten] & Kat [Obscure serenity], this was on the first day of the trip and to look at from the outside the Art Deco building doesn't look like much really. Inside though is different, with a theatre and other rooms over three floors. The cinema was still in good condition with all the chairs still in situ, small and compact reflecting the size of the village it is in. I imagine in its day this was the hub of the community when people visited the theatre and cinema a lot more. In the basement was a function room which looked like it would have held dances as there is a piano in there and seating area. 

Many old documents were still inside the theatre stashed away in a dark room along with movie posters and strips of film negatives. It was a fascinating find, a glimpse into the functioning of a theatre back in the inter-war and post war years. A Warner Bros receipt from 1936, a card with audience numbers and money takings from 1939 and  letter from 20th century Fox Films to the cinema. Flyers from Tarzan movies lay scattered around, along with movie posters such as one from the 1955 film featuring Diana Dors 'Value for Money' or 'Febbre Bionda' in Italian. 

A good couple of hours were spent inside here photographing each room before heading off to the next location of the day and grabbing cold drinks as the heat was building up to quite formidable levels being summer. 

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