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Château Romantique

Visited in August 2018 on a Belgium tour with Ninja Kitten this was a late addition when locations were running out towards the end of the tour. Also known as Manor aux portraits, Château Romantique was a fairly low profile location but well worth the effort to get in. Once inside, we had to make a very fast escape when we heard someone coming into the building. Thinking it maybe the owner we scarpered out the back and hid in the gardens only to see a Dutch chap with a camera pop his head up from behind the opposite hedge. Seems we had spoked him as he was trying to get inside to photograph it!

So, we headed back inside and spent a couple of hours inside exploring the entire building. I can't find any history of the building so it remains a mystery as to why it has been left in its current state. A lovely grand house which was probably occupied by prominent families in the past and left inside some beautiful furniture, dozens of portraits and other personal artefacts.

The decay has started to set in but the house is still beautiful and wouldn't require much renovation to make it once again a lovely home for someone. 

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