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chateau lowenherz, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Château Löwenherz

An early alarm and by sunrise me and David were inside this lovely former chateau. 


The only history i can find about it is that it possible dates back to the early 20th Century and after a extensive fire inside the building it was renovated to how it looks today. There is still much remaining of the old part of the chateau yet a modern section has been added and this was used as a school until it closed. The classrooms are still fairly intact in this part of the building with a few bits of  lab apparatus left behind. 


The main feature of the older part of the chateau are the many beautiful and ornate fireplaces. Several have inscriptions on in what language I'm not sure, along with various dates from the 1600's and the name Christophorus de Blocquerye.

It is possible that the original occupant was a baroness until she died in the 21t Century to which the chateau was handed over to the government. 



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