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Chapelle Blendecques, france, urbex, abandoned france
Chapelle Neuville de Blendecques
Mon Sarah Chapel (king's quarter)

One of our locations on the June 2023 tour of France & Belgium with Becci. This small chapel stood alone on top of an elevated section of field overlooking the surrounding countryside and has obviously been unused for quite some time. Dedicated to Saint Philomena in 1830, it is still beautifully decorated inside with religious items as well as the stunning stained glass windows mainly intact. 

I have looked online for any information or history on this chapel and can find only brief references as follows:

Taken from:

Architectural Description:

This chapel is isolated and is located in height.



Western chapel with an elongated plan. 

It consists of two spans and a single vessel. 

It does not have a steeple. 


Exterior elevation: 

The western facade is a gable wall with three levels of elevation.


The entrance is through a two-leaf gate in a broken arch frame surmounted by a polylobed rose window. 

The openings in the side walls are integrated into a pointed arch frame surmounted by a gable. These openings are separated by buttresses with projections.

The roof is double-sided. 

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