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château verdure, france, urbex, abandoned
Château Verdure

Visited with Becci (Ninja Kitten) in June 2019, this former home is situated in a suburb outside paris, hidden by trees and the wall that surrounds it. 

There is no history to speak of available on this place so it is anyone's guess as to when it was last inhabited and became abandoned; and why?

The gardens are completely overgrown as we walk up to the crumbling building with only a beaten path by the curious visitors.

Inside the condition is parlous. Scaffold rods have been wedged onto breeze blocks to keep ceilings up, the health and safety manual for building regulations was certainly ignored when that was done. This really is a true representation of a building in ruins and way beyond any chance of renovation. 

Once it was obviously a beautiful home to people of affluence yet now it is a relic of its former self. The highlight is definitely the sweeping staircase in the front entrance hall as it steers away from the chequered floor. A battered grand piano still in situ under the staircase. Someone had decided to throw red paint on to this. Only they know why. 

Most rooms are shells but there is still enough detail to make it photogenic. I did venture half way up the staircase but as steps started to move under my feet I decided caution was best. To be honest, from what I could see of the upstairs, it was in an even worse state than the ground floor. 

Definitely worth a visit - albeit one of the quicker explores on the whole tour. 

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