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Cellars Clough Woollen Mill, Huddersfield, Derelict, Urbex, Abandoned
Cellars Clough Woollen Mill, Huddersfield

Visited one bone chillingly cold February morning with Scrappy NW [David]. Once the wobbly Heras were safely navigated we made our way into this massive relic. Part of the mill and the chimney had long since ben demolished in 2014 and all that remained was this shell of a structure with not too much left inside except the skeletal structure itself. 

Very few details remained, just a couple of signs but nothing of particular note. 

The interior was relitavely secure still except a couple of the floors of upper rooms. We spent a couple of hours inside getting the shots and making best of not too much. Sadly the graffiti people had been in and splashed their colours over many walls. I've never really understood the reasoning behind graffiti unless it's something truly artistic. For me it's just an annoyance and means further editing, yet for these I couldn't be bothered and left it all in. From memory, the only graffiti I've come across that was artistic and worth keeping in the images was in Murphy Machinery in Bradford. Weird flourescent worms across walls added rather than detracted the overall beauty of that place. 


History is scarce. Here is what is available online:


The Cellars Clough woollen mill was owned by Samuel Firth of Gatehead in Marsden, and opened in 1888. In addition, Firth owned the local Holme Mill. By the 1960s, it was owned and run by Fisher, Firth & Co. which became Cellars Clough Woollen Mills Ltd, managed by another Firth son, in 1981. The mill finally closed in 1982 and fell into disrepair.

In August 2016, Plans had been submitted to Kirklees Council for development on the old 19th century site. The first application made in 2007 gained planning permission for 101 houses, a gym and pool, shop, meeting room and bike store but was not enacted.

As of 2017 plans are still being considered as the building freezes in the bitter cold.



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