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kastella mansion, pireus, greece, urbex, abandoned
The House of the Sea, Kastella Mansion.

I knew about this mansion before going to Greece for a holiday but wasn't sure if I would have time to go but it's always nice to do atleast one location when abroad. On a sunny October afternoon, my friend Alexia and I made our way to the house. Entry as in all Greek locations was easy, they don't sem to have any concept of either locked doors or security of any sort and noone bats an eye lid upon the sight of someone clambering over heavy iron gates to get inside a location.


As locations go, the view from this mansion was spectacular. The windows opened out on to the Aegean sea, a spectacular mixture of brilliant blue sea and sky in its panoramic views. The interior bathed in warm light from the autumn sun.  Although I have no history of the place, it was obviously a house for people of wealth. A neo-classical monument of former wealth now in ruins. Structurally it was fairly sound so it would make a great renovation project however it doesn't seem as if anyone is interested in it. 


Surrounded by the bustling local port, all cafes, bars and yachts lining the sea front, this area needs further exploration such is the quantity of abandoned buildings. The neo classical standing out from the modern like vintage relics out of place in modern Greece. These type of buildings are beautiful and the remaining ones - since most were demolished after the war to make way for soulless modern buildings - still retain their eloquence, and if maintained, their value. 


At the back of the house there seems to have been an extension built maybe sometime on the 1970s/1980s. It resembled a bar of some type but was badly damaged hence I didn't even photograph that section much; the original building being of far more interest. 

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