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Candlestick Cottage, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Candlestick Cottage

Tracking down this farmhouse which had been shown on the internet took some doing. A single clue was all I had. A town name on an envelope in one of the photographs but only the first and last letters were legible and then, only just. The missing letters had to be added. Next came hours of searching through lists of Welsh towns on the internet until the one I thought it was appeared. After scanning google earth for a considerable time what looked like this remote farmhouse became visible. The hours of research and laptop staring had paid off. Plans were afoot to visit and get the images.

A long five and half hour drive setting off at 3am and driving down countless unnamed roads down the spine of wales brought me to the house after a short walk through fields and paths. I arrived finally at a beautiful remote little spot, the only signs of life a few keen walkers weighed down by their backpacks.

Once inside it was like stepping back in time to when the residents of this magnificent dwelling still lived there. Rolled up receipts and letters tied up with ageing string sit by an old pair of  reading glasses as if their owner plans to return to check the paperwork one last time.

A  Lady's beauty products on a bedside dresser next to a vintage brass bed. Children's vintage toys. Old school books. Stains on a wall where the fire once burned to warm the winter nights. All reminders, a glimpse into the ives inside Candlestick Cottage. The wallpaper may be peeling, cobwebs may have been weaved by the spiders which stayed behind, but from the cosy hearth in the dining room to the old suitcases on the bed, there still remains a sense that one day, maybe, they will return home to light the candles one last time.

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