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Butterscotch House, Urbex, Abandoned
Butterscotch House, Wrexham

Visited alone in Spring 2021 after doing another house not far away. This litle house is hidden by trees from the busy road and sandwiched inbetween lived in residential properties, seemingly just forgotten about.


Inside is the usual personal items strewn about that once were treasured posessions of whoever lived here. Originally named Grandad's house - on account of the trinkets and bottle with that reference - it seems he had a grandson called James. The only other history available is that he died aged 94 years in 2010 and his wife died in 2000 at the age of 81 and they were married 60 years. Beyond this, no other history is known.

Someone obviously loved music, there are two pianos in the house along with a vintage real to real tape machine along with some real to real tapes. On top of the piano someone had put an old violin case - goodness knows why anyone thought being there looked natural. 

yet another house whereby no one seems to care about it or the possessions left behind.

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