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Brass House, Wrexham

Quick solo visit early in the morning. The steep slope leading up to the house had me needing to rest half way up, I can't imagine living here and having to walk that slope every time you got home, really is a nightmare climb.

In to the house and catching my breath finally, it had obviously been smashed up a little judging by some other recent videos of the house. In the lounge where most of the brass ornaments are - hence the name - it appeared someone had ripped the settee to shreds. Beggars belief. Maybe they were looking for something valuable inside the fabric? The display cabinets had also been smashed in.

The house itself has obviously been abandoned for many years. decay is extensive and rot in places. Who lived here and when they left I have no idea but there is obviously no one interested in saving their possessions or property. Many faces stared out from framed photographs, adding a personal feel to the home without any clues as to which - if any - contained photographs of the previous owners. The little dining room before the lounge was the nicest room complete with its obligatory Singer sewing machine and vintage ornaments. A beautiful old-fashioned standing lamp was still in situ in the corner albeit looking a little tired.

Whoever lived here collected model cars. Several were still on display in the kitchen area and looked quite old. being a bungalow there was no upstairs which often leads to a more relaxed explore, not having to worry about upper floors and staircases giving way.

One odd thing was no toilet in the house. The bathroom didn't have one so maybe there was one in an outdoor shed or something although I didn't notice one. Another anomaly was the very new looking microwave in the kitchen which looked completely out of place with the surroundings. Maybe someone comes here and uses it?

A charming little home and after about an hour of photographing I made my way out and down the slope again. On to the next house for that day.

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