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Boucherie Gepetto, Belgium, urbex, abandoned
Boucherie Gepetto

Visited in the early Spring of 2018, there is no history known of this location.

A former small butcher's shop in a small Belgian village surrounded by residential streets. Most likely, it closed due to the owner retiring after serving the local community. Maybe with the presence of larger supermarkets nearby it was never taken over by anyone else.Unfortunately by the time we got there, a lot of items from the shop and the house had been removed - probably by the current owners. I was disappointed the large knives in the shop and the chopping block had gone along with the vintage signs but there was still enough left inside to make it a worthwhile visit.


I have no idea when it closed or of any history from when it was open but my guess is it has been closed for quite a few years considering the decay inside some of the rooms and the state of the garden.

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