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Belling House, Wales, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Belling House, Powys, Wales

In this part of Wales there are so many abandoned buildings one is spoilt for choice. From chapels to farmhouses to domestic dwellings. This little crooked farmhouse was nestled beside some trees a bystander to time as the decay marched throughout the building.

Mr. Thomas was the last person to live here and he was probably married judging by the handbag left behind which is not a typical male farmer accessory as far as I know!


It took some digging to find any small artefacts in this house such was the wanton mess. I don't know when Mr Thomas left for the last time but it would appear that this house has been abandoned for quite some time. After a quick root around a few small items were uncovered under the piles of rubbish. A few lovely old photographs, faces of unknown people but despite their beaten appearance the photographs still retained their beautiful vintage charm. How we looked at snap shots of time on paper never fails to tire me. I fear one day, abandoned houses will have nothing inside except a few bits of furniture and a load of computer chips containing everything that was once upon a time, so different.


An old Pye radio severely damaged was found on a chair by the armchair in the living room. An obligatory Singer sewer on the floor in the kitchen covered in torn clothes. Cotton reels still lay beside it. 

Moving throughout the house were the usual signs of extreme colour mismatches on the walls. Maybe farmers painted their homes such bright colours to get through the harsh winter days? Certainly is never a dull experience inside a rural farmhouse!


A small pantry room next to the bathroom contained bits and pieces. A row of shelves filled with vintage flasks and jars and other artefacts. On an adjacent shelf the Belling instruction plate. 


Upstairs were two bedrooms. One inaccessible due to the piles of mattresses stacked against the wall/ The other an empty shell with a floor looking quite menacing. A small middle room probably for storage contained a chair along with the newest occupants; nature.


One more farmhouse photographed. There is always something charming about farmhouses,, their rustic simplicity with items left behind that always stand the test of time. Items gathered over lifetimes and cherished. It just seems so sad that they get left behind and start to fade away, seemingly unwanted by anyone. Photographing these things at least saves them from complete vanishment.

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