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Ballsaal Village Ballroom, Germany urbex, abandoned Germany
Ballsaal  BieneVillage Ballroom,

Day 3 of the Germany tour in April 2022 with Becci [Ninja Kitten]. After the gruelling hours spent in the Vogelsang & Zinna Soviet Army Bases the previous days, this was a nice little quick explore after we had been to the STASI Prison Hospital and the Teufelsberg Radio Spy Station earlier in the day. 

Out in rural Berlin, this little village ballroom sits beside a quiet road and inside was a quaintly decorated room with a stage and lovely stained glass arched windows still intact. I have no history of this place whatsoever and I am not sure if it was a ballroom yet that's the name it has been given. It looks more like a village hall for plays and small performances. Seems to have been closed for many years and still oozes vintage charm.

A lovely explore before we headed to the dilapidated Brewery nearby.

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