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Ballerina Farm, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Ballerina Farm

After several aborted attempts at visiting this place, myself and Ninja Kitten finally ventured over to explore this long abandoned and decayed farmhouse. Entry was fairly straight forward apart from the gaping hole which needed to be avoided in the lounge floor. Luckily we were prewarned of this. My days of injuries are hopefully long gone [touch wood].

Once inside, we tentitavely went round each of the many rooms to check the house's safety as it was clear this house was in an extreme parlous state and needed extra vigilance. The walls were leaning in some rooms and full of deep cracks meaning a shift in the angle of the whole house from its original build. The floors were soaked with years of rain water which always rings the alarm bells. Each step like stepping on sponge. Most rooms were entered however, some less so, photographs being taken form their doorway.

This house is currently up for sale and I would imagine whoever buys it will quickly demolish it and rebuild utilising the extensive land surrounding it. 

Inside many artefacts were still left in place albeit it seems it's been visited by people with less desirable intentions at some point who have had their usual 'fun' at smashing up furniture and generally causing chaos inside. However, there was still lots of the original furniture especially in the lounge. The highlight in there were the two vintage radiograms along with a substantial record collection. This is bond to keep me occupied for longer than it should being a lover of all things analogue in the music world. One a Bush and the other a Grundig, looking circa 1950s. Stacks of records just willing me to play them. I think Ninja would have been reminding me of our itinary for the day had I sat and listened to them all!


One bedroom upstairs we found a lovely collection of old photographs which had been strategically placed on the generous window ledge. Four bedrooms contained enough bits and pieces to keep us intrigued as to who lived here once. A ballerina dress hung stull on a wardrobe wilted with age and lopsided although that whole bedroom was leaning awkwardly so it fitted the overall look. Letters and docunets were strewn around floors, children's toys and a rather fetching doll in a swing chair. Obviously the last people living here were a family. Where they went is anyone's guess and why they decided to leave all these things behind is one of the typical mysteries of abandoned houses which keeps people like us so intrigued and drawn to go inside them.

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